Travelling was how I started as a photographer. I was lucky enough in 2005 to break free and go off around the world, I did almost 10 yeas worth of travelling and along the way I my passion for photography grew, each day became about shooting, the camera became part of my life, part of how I viewed the world. I started off with a humble point and shoot Sony, then I moved onto to an Panasonic FZ150 bridge camera and then I bought a Sony Nex-7, which is what I use now. I'm always on the look out for the next one though.
All my photographic work can be bought as Prints, Canvases, Wall Art and lots more. Please email me if you're interested in ordering anything. My photos are also available to use in commercial or private works across many media genres. I'm also available for hire as a freelance photographer.
You can contact me on or use the form below, thanks. Chris